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Downtown Ghost Scavenger Hunt!

Ten ghosts call downtown Oxford home. Throughout Halloweek, they will be “hanging” around.
To be a part of the official scavenger hunt, you must find each ghost and take a selfie with them.

Secondly, you have to “tag” your selfie to the Historic Main Street Oxford Facebook Page.

Lastly, after you have found each ghost and tagged your selfie, you must message the Historic Main Street Oxford Facebook Page that you have completed the hunt.

My name is Richard; I'm a ghost who loves snackin'.
If you have some free time, I know a delicious way to pass it!

Here's your clue from a ghost named Ruth...
What can satisfy the most decadent sweet tooth?

My name is Fitzgerald; my friend call me Fitz and
You don't have to go to New Orleans for your shrimp & grits fix!

I'm Charles, and my favorite movie is Minions.
Some say it’s up for debate. Some say it's a...

I'm a ghost named Marcus; I like shiny things
and I'm in The only building downtown that has wings.

My name's Matilda; I'm always down for adventure...
What's always roasting even in the dead of winter?

I'm David, the ghost who likes to have fun!
You don't have to be Italian to cook like one!

I'm Alice, and my spot is what everyone's talking about
People wait in line to get in and run like heck to get out!

I'm a sentimental ghost named Leigh
and I'm at the biggest postcard you'll ever see!

My name is Rebecca, a true southern belle,
Find me at the perfect place for someone who's feeling WELL!
Any individual component of Halloweek may be canceled, modified, or rescheduled to ensure public safety. Please frequently refresh your browser and follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date! 
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